We are contain the AT Nine Template Showcase module with this template. Joomla default content and K2 Component are supported. When you want to show article, you only need creat AT Nine Template Showcase module, select category or article, select the showcase ... and publish it. This module will show the introtext and intro image (The image is insert in Image & Link Tab of article) with many showcase.



When you add AT Nine Template Showcase Module.


Module Setting Tab

  • Module Class Suffix: Add module class suffix for custom css
  • Width: Width of showcase module, you can set it base Pixel (px) or percentage (%).
  • Jquery: Set the load or unload Jquery
    • latest: load the latest version of jquery
    • unload: unload jquery
    • specific: you must type the version of jquery that you want to load, ex: if you type "1.8.2" this will load 1.8.2 Jquery


Article Setting Tab


Select Content for Showcase

  • Categories : This module will get all article in categories that select
  • Featured Articles: Show/ hide
  • Ordering
  • Article Link
  • New Tab: Open in new tab
  • Article title: Show/hide
  • Introtext: Show/hide


Show case Layout Setting Tab


  • Select Showcase: Select your showcase layout
  • Number of article: Set the number of articles/news


List Showcase Layout


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