We design complete solar energy systems, optimal for your needs.


Getting a solar energy system is an investment.  The system pays for its own then starts making profit over the years and these times depend on where you are and how suitable your location is; hence a feasibility report is a must before such an investment.

A complete solar energy system consists of solar panels, batteries, inverters, mounting and housing for hardware, cabling and tracking devices. 

We also audit, renovate and do maintenance for your existing systems.

Solar panels have many types to choose from like flexible and light ones or rigid heavy ones. We choose the optimum type for your needs.

Batteries, their charger units and inverters needed to be chosen for your needs. If your system is off-grid you will definitely need batteries big enough to last you through the sunless times. If your system is on grid and you can sell the energy you produce to government; you might not even need batteries.

Mounting and housing the hardware is critical since solar panels need to be positioned in a certain way. Especially wind is a major strain on the panels. Also inverters can heat up a lot so they have strong fans and that makes noise; that is why they need a special housing to both keep them cool and silent.

Cabling is also critical since using wrong cables can cause them to heat up. This can cause reduced system efficiency and on worse cases cause fires.

Lastly; tracking your systems production will inform you on when the panels need cleaning or simply calculating the net profit you make versus just buying the electricity from government. Tracking can be done with a simple interface, locally or through a website, globally.

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